People with disabilities' perception of vocational rehabilitation and employment

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Vocational rehabilitation (VR) programs support people with disabilities (PWDs) to obtain vocational training and enter the labor market. The VR programs are designed to assist PWDs in preparing and engaging in gainful employment. They help PWDs integrate into society and contribute to changing society's views and attitudes toward PWDs that offer decent work. Vocational rehabilitation programs have previously been evaluated using classical measures (such as the percentage of successful PWDs served by VR centers). However, recent evaluations of VR programs have emphasized the need to examine PWDs' perceptions of such programs, as it is essential to indicate what factors affect the employment outcomes of PWDs. This book chapter aims to describe and analyze all literature reviews about perceptions of people with disabilities about vocational rehabilitation programs and their employment. The purpose of this chapter is to present a review of existing studies on factors impacting PWD perceptions with VR program outcomes. The author searched the electronic databases PsycINFO, Web of Science, ProQuest, and EBSCOhost, supplemented by a search for additional relevant articles employing cross-referencing. The analysis of extant studies shows that PWD perception of VR program outcomes is affected by three main variables: counselor characteristics, VR services, and center features. This chapter reviews analyzes, and discusses the current literature relevant to VR services for PWDs under the following titles: definition of VR, history of vocational rehabilitation, philosophy and the principles of VR, VR goals, VR services, and international legislation related to VR employment programs for PWDs. This chapter also highlights literature regarding barriers to employment.

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