Potential applications of equine genomics in dissecting diseases and fertility

Bhanu P. Chowdhary, Nandina Paria, Terje Raudsepp

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Following the recent development of high-resolution gene maps and generation of several basic tools and resources to use them in analyzing traits that are economically important to horse owners, genome analysis in horses is witnessing a shift towards developing an ability to analyze complex traits. The likelihood of this happening in the very near future is great, mainly because of the recent availability of the whole genome sequence in the horse. The latter has triggered the development of novel tools like SNP-chip and expression arrays that will permit rapid genome-wide analysis. While these tools will be used for a range of multi-factorial disease traits, attempts are underway to develop focused tools that can target reproduction, fertility and sex determination. For this, a catalog of sex and reproduction related (SRR) genes is being developed in horses. A recently developed dense map of the horse Y chromosome will provide genes that are expressed exclusively in males and, therefore, have an impact on stallion fertility. Overall, these advances in equine genome analysis hold promise for improved diagnosis and treatment of various conditions in horses.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)208-218
Number of pages11
JournalAnimal Reproduction Science
Issue number3-4
Publication statusPublished - Sept 2008
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