Production of size-selected CuxSn1-x nanoclusters

A. I. Ayesh, N. Qamhieh, S. T. Mahmoud, H. Alawadhi

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Composites of copper-tin (CuxSn1-x) nanoclusters were synthesized using the magnetron dc sputtering gas-condensation technique. Targets with controlled ratios of Sn to Cu were used to produce Cu xSn1-x with different compositions. The effects on the nanocluster size and yield of the sputtering discharge power, inert gas flow rate, and aggregation length were investigated using a quadrupole mass filter. The sputtering discharge power was optimized to maximize the nanocluster yield. The results show that as the inert gas flow rate increases the nanocluster size increases and then decreases. These dependences could be understood in terms of the dominant nanocluster production mechanisms. This work demonstrates the ability of controlling the CuxSn1-x nanoclusters' size and composition by optimizing the source operation conditions.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationManufacturing Science and Technology
Number of pages4
Publication statusPublished - 2011
Event2011 International Conference on Advanced Engineering Materials and Technology, AEMT 2011 - Sanya, China
Duration: Jul 29 2011Jul 31 2011

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NameAdvanced Materials Research
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Other2011 International Conference on Advanced Engineering Materials and Technology, AEMT 2011


  • CuSn nanoclusters
  • Nanocluster size selection
  • Sputtering

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