Properties of Total Transformation Graphs for General Sum-Connectivity Index

Anam Rani, Muhammad Imran, Asima Razzaque, Usman Ali

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The study of networks and graphs through structural properties is a massive area of research with developing significance. One of the methods used in studying structural properties is obtaining quantitative measures that encode structural data of the whole network by the real number. A large collection of numerical descriptors and associated graphs have been used to examine the whole structure of networks. In these analyses, degree-related topological indices have a significant position in theoretical chemistry and nanotechnology. Thus, the computation of degree-related indices is one of the successful topics of research. The general sum-connectivity GSC index of graph Q is described as χρQ=∑qq′∈EQdq+dq′ρ, where dq presents the degree of the vertex q in Q and ρ is a real number. The total graph TQ is a graph whose vertex set is VQ∪EQ, and two vertices are linked in TQ if and only if they are either adjacent or incident in Q. In this article, we study the general sum-connectivity index χρQ of total graphs for different values of ρ by using Jensen's inequality.

Original languageEnglish
Article number6616056
Publication statusPublished - 2021

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