Proto-oncogene ras GTPase-linked induction of glutathione-S-transferase by growth factors in PC12 cells.

M. S. Nur-E-Kamal, M. M. Qureshi, M. K. Ijaz, S. H. Galadari, H. Raza

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This report provides evidence linking activation of Ras GTPase by growth factors and induction of glutathione-S-transferase isozymes in PC12 cells. Ras GTPase was activated by EGF, NGF, insulin and phorbolester in PC12 cells. Activation of Ras GTPase was found to be associated with induction of the expression of GST mu and pi isoenzymes while there was no detectable induction of GST alpha expression. GST pi was found to be induced by all the Ras GTPase activating agents tested while activation of Ras by phorbolester and insulin induced expression of GST mu only. These results suggest a role of Ras, at least in part, in controlling the expression of GST and that there might be independent signalling pathways for the expression of different GST isoenzymes. GST activity was found to be very high (4-fold) in the lysate obtained from retinoic acid treated PC12 cells when compared with untreated cells. Induction of GST expression was found to be initiated within 30 min of retinoic acid treatment in PC12 cells reaching a maximum level at 4 h. However, immunoblot analysis showed that retinoic acid (RA), unlike mitogens/growth factors, weakly induced the expression of GST pi but not the expression of alpha, mu and microsomal GSTs. Overxpression of inhibitory polypeptides that block signals generated from Ras and Cdc42 was found to reverse the retinoic acid activation-dependent induction of GST expression in PC12 cells. These results provide evidence for the first time suggesting a novel role of Ras GTPase in the regulation of GST expression which might have a significant implication in developing drug resistance and/or growth of cancer cells.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1043-1048
Number of pages6
JournalInternational journal of oncology
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - May 2000

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