Recent Advancements of Polyaniline/Metal Organic Framework (PANI/MOF) Composite Electrodes for Supercapacitor Applications: A Critical Review

Rajangam Vinodh, Rajendran Suresh Babu, Sangaraju Sambasivam, Chandu V.V. Muralee Gopi, Salem Alzahmi, Hee Je Kim, Ana Lucia Ferreira de Barros, Ihab M. Obaidat

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Supercapacitors (SCs), also known as ultracapacitors, should be one of the most promising contenders for meeting the needs of human viable growth owing to their advantages: for example, excellent capacitance and rate efficiency, extended durability, and cheap materials price. Superca-pacitor research on electrode materials is significant because it plays a vital part in the performance of SCs. Polyaniline (PANI) is an exceptional candidate for energy-storage applications owing to its tunable structure, multiple oxidation/reduction reactions, cheap price, environmental stability, and ease of handling. With their exceptional morphology, suitable functional linkers, metal sites, and high specific surface area, metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) are outstanding materials for electrodes fabrication in electrochemical energy storage systems. The combination of PANI and MOF (PANI/MOF composites) as electrode materials demonstrates additional benefits, which are worthy of exploration. The positive impacts of the two various electrode materials can improve the resultant electrochemical performances. Recently, these kinds of conducting polymers with MOFs composites are predicted to become the next-generation electrode materials for the development of efficient and well-organized SCs. The recent achievements in the use of PANI/MOFs-based electrode materials for supercapacitor applications are critically reviewed in this paper. Furthermore, we discuss the existing issues with PANI/MOF composites and their analogues in the field of supercapacitor electrodes in addition to potential future improvements.

Original languageEnglish
Article number1511
Issue number9
Publication statusPublished - May 1 2022


  • energy density
  • metal–organic framework
  • polyaniline
  • specific capacitance
  • stability
  • supercapacitors

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  • General Chemical Engineering
  • General Materials Science


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