Recent advances on human mpox

Aliya Orassay, Alan Berdigaliyev, Darya Sadvokassova, Ansal Diassova, Amr Amin, Wenwen Cao, Yingqiu Xie

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Mpox has been a concern of public health and travel caution. Using databases of WHO, CDC, google scholar, and PubMed, we searched recent literatures and reviewed the history, genomic mutation/evolution, host cell response pathways, regulation policy, vaccine and therapy development. Recent studies showed that current mpox has many genomic mutations related to regulation by APOBEC3. Current mpox has also been suggested to be associated with sexual transmission. Vaccination should be applied and anti-mpox drug should be urgently developed. More investigations are needed to ensure outbreak prevention.

Original languageEnglish
Article number101066
JournalNew Microbes and New Infections
Publication statusPublished - Jan 2023


  • Epidemiology
  • Global health
  • Infection
  • Monkeypox
  • Mpox
  • Outbreak
  • Sexual transmission

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  • Microbiology
  • Infectious Diseases


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