Reservoir/wellbore model for multiphase injection and pressure transient analysis

R. A. Almehaideb, K. Aziz, O. A. Pedrosa

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Phase injectivities for multiphase injection processes are studied using an isothermal black-oil numerical model that properly treats wellbore/reservoir interaction. A fully implicit technique for the coupling of wellbore and reservoir flow equations is described. The effect of gravity segregation in the wellbore is taken into account to simulate cocurrent water and gas injection. It is shown that the current techniques used in reservoir simulation for assigning phase injectivities yield inconsistent results when wellbore phase redistribution takes place. The effect of multiphase flow in the well and in the reservoir during well testing is also investigated. The fully coupled wellbore/reservoir model is employed to study the effect of wellbore phase segregation on buildup pressure response.

Original languageEnglish
Number of pages13217819
Publication statusPublished - 1989
EventProceedings: 6th Middle East Oil Show - Manama, Bahrain
Duration: Mar 11 1989Mar 14 1989


OtherProceedings: 6th Middle East Oil Show
CityManama, Bahrain

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