Rheological Assessment of Oil-Xanthan Emulsions in Terms of Complex, Storage, and Loss Moduli

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This experimental assessment was carried out to study the viscoelastic performance of crude oil-xanthan emulsions employing a RheoStress RS100 rheometer. Crude oil with a concentration range of 0–75% by volume was used to prepare the oil-gum emulsions. Two xanthan gums of Sigma and Kelzan were added in the emulsions with concentration ranges of 0–104 ppm. The linear viscoelastic ranges of all the tested oil-gum emulsions were found in the range of 0.1–10 Pa. Thus, the experimental tests were completed within the linear viscoelastic range of 1 Pa. The complex modulus increased gradually and steadily with frequency and gum concentration for all the examined emulsions. The addition of crude oil into the lighter xanthan concentration of <103 ppm provided almost the same behavior as the xanthan solution, whereas the presence of crude oil within the higher xanthan concentrations significantly stimulated the measured values of the complex modulus. For lower gum concentrations of up to 1000 ppm, oil concentration displayed no effect on both the storage and loss moduli, whereas for gum concentrations higher than 1000 ppm, both moduli increased gradually with crude oil concentration.

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Publication statusPublished - Jan 2023


  • complex modulus
  • crude oil
  • loss modulus
  • storage modulus
  • xanthan gums

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