Robust hierarchical control strategy for heaving wave energy converters

Addy Wahyudie, Mohammed Abdi Jama, Omsalama Saed

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This paper considers the hierarchical control strategy for enhancing the captured and converted powers in heaving wave energy converters. The hierarchical control strategy consists of a higher hierarchical controller (HHC) and a lower hierarchical controller (LHC). The main role of the HHC is to provide the optimum reference for the LHC. The LHC follows the reference despite the existence of perturbations and disturbance. In this study, the HHC is designed to maximize the conversion between the captured (mechanical) power and the converted (electrical) power. The proposed HHC generates a look-up table that contains the values of the intrinsic resistance for various sea-states. The sliding mode control is deployed as the LHC. The effectiveness of the proposed HCS is tested using the simulation result in monochromatic and polychromatic sea-states, as well as in the nominal and perturbation cases.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationMTS/IEEE OCEANS 2015 - Genova
Subtitle of host publicationDiscovering Sustainable Ocean Energy for a New World
PublisherInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
ISBN (Electronic)9781479987368
Publication statusPublished - Sept 17 2015
EventMTS/IEEE OCEANS 2015 - Genova - Genova, Italy
Duration: May 18 2015May 21 2015

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NameMTS/IEEE OCEANS 2015 - Genova: Discovering Sustainable Ocean Energy for a New World


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