Salinity tolerance of 35 bentgrass cultivars

K. B. Marcum

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    Relative salinity tolerance of 33 creeping bentgrass (Agrostis palustris Huds), one colonial bentgrass (A. capillaris L.), and one velvet bentgrass (A. canina L.) cultivars were determined via hydroponics in a controlled-environment greenhouse. After gradual acclimation, grasses were exposed to moderate salinity stress (8 dS·m-1) for 10 weeks to determine tolerance to chronic salinity stress. Relative dry weight of leaf clippings (RLW), percentage of green leaf area (GL), root dry weight (RW), and root length (RL) were all effective parameters for predicting salinity tolerance. Following 10 weeks of salinity stress, RLW was correlated with GL (r = 0.72), with RW (r = 0.71), and with RL (r = 0.66). The range of salinity tolerance among cultivars was substantial. 'Mariner', 'Grand Prix', 'Seaside', and 'Seaside II' were salt-tolerant, 'L-93', 'Penn G-2', '18th Green', and 'Syn 96-1' were moderately salt tolerant, and 'Avalon', 'Ambrosia', 'SR1119', 'Regent', 'Putter', 'Penncross', and 'Penn G-6' were salt sensitive.

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    • Agrostis spp.
    • Salt tolerance
    • Turfgrass

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