Secured and networked emergency notification without GPS enabled devices

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Lately, many people have become aware of privacy issues that emanate from wide spread use of GPS enabled or similar systems. There are two concerns with GPS systems. On one side, many people are becoming more aware of privacy issues, and on the other hand emergency help is of great importance due to fading of signals in presence of jammers that inhibit GPS or similar systems.Thus, there is a need for location detection technique or a solution that not only helps in detecting location but also relieves the person of the privacy concern. Such systems find widespread application in military and personal communications. In this chapter, firstly introduction to various well known systems is presented, followed by existing location detection methods and technologies. The privacy issues are also highlighted. The comparative study is done to highlight strengths and weaknesses of various location detection approaches. Furthermore, various position equation methods are derived to estimate position location accuracy. In order to address privacy, a location detection system is developed for a limited geographical area as a case study. The simplicity and security of data transfer are also addressed by encryption using special purpose microcontrollers. The standardization efforts for location identification are also summarized.

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