Security and privacy in the Internet of things: Architectures, techniques, and applications

Ali Ismail Awad, Jemal Abawajy

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SECURITY AND PRIVACY IN THE INTERNET OF THINGS Provides the authoritative and up-to-date information required for securing IoT architecture and applications The vast amount of data generated by the Internet of Things (IoT) has made information and cyber security vital for not only personal privacy, but also for the sustainability of the IoT itself. Security and Privacy in the Internet of Things brings together high-quality research on IoT security models, architectures, techniques, and application domains. This concise yet comprehensive volume explores state-of-the-art mitigations in IoT security while addressing important security and privacy challenges across different IoT layers. The book provides timely coverage of IoT architecture, security technologies and mechanisms, and applications. The authors outline emerging trends in IoT security and privacy with a focus on areas such as smart environments and e-health. Topics include authentication and access control, attack detection and prevention, securing IoT through traffic modeling, human aspects in IoT security, and IoT hardware security. Presenting the current body of knowledge in a single volume, Security and Privacy in the Internet of Things: • Discusses a broad range of IoT attacks and defense mechanisms • Examines IoT security and privacy protocols and approaches • Covers both the logical and physical security of IoT devices • Addresses IoT security through network traffic modeling • Describes privacy preserving techniques in smart cities • Explores current threat and vulnerability analyses Security and Privacy in the Internet of Things: Architectures, Techniques, and Applications is essential reading for researchers, industry practitioners, and students involved in IoT security development and IoT systems deployment.

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ISBN (Print)9781119607748
Publication statusPublished - Dec 3 2021

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