Selection criteria of best sites for aquifer storage and recovery in the Eastern District of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Karim Khalil, Qasim Khan, Mohamed Mohamed

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Identification of selection criteria is a crucial initial step in aquifer storage and recovery (ASR) projects. The lack of knowledge of suitable sites hydrological and geological characteristics could be limiting factors in the application of ASR technology. A total of 20 sites were evaluated in the eastern district of Abu Dhabi emirate, using available data at each site, based on 15 different criteria. The study area is an agricultural intense region, where groundwater is extensively used for irrigation. The developed framework is proven to be useful in terms of ASR planning. The framework is based on weighting factors assigned to each hydrogeological and additional characteristic based on its relative importance in the ASR site selection. The developed scoring scheme is used with the 20 sites to assess the possibility of finding a suitable site for potential ASR with promising aquifer performance. The total score was used to develop final ASR suitability maps. The highest score of 142 out of 160 (89% ASR suitability) was achieved in Al Khrair site followed by Al Dhahir with 138 out of 160 (86%), Al Shuwaib with 136 out of 160 (85%) and Al Bateen with 126 out of 160 (79%). The sites located at the eastern part of the study area had the highes scores. The score is decreased at the sites located at the western and southern parts of the study area, with the lowest score of 107 out of 160 at Abu Huraibah. The characterization of sites should be mainly based on the availability of pumping stations in the vicinity of the study area, that will be helpful in the future implementation of the ASR project. The detailed hydrogeological and operational data of the studied sites helped in the ASR assessment.

Original languageEnglish
Article number100771
JournalGroundwater for Sustainable Development
Publication statusPublished - Aug 2022


  • Arid region
  • Groundwater management
  • Hydrogeological criteria
  • Managed aquifer recharge
  • Site selection

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