Selective deposition of pulsed aerosols in the human lung

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A mathematical model, for predicting the deposition of aerosol particles in the human lung, has been extended to deal with the case of pulsed aerosols. A pulsed aerosol is one which is administered subsequent to the start of inhalation and which terminates before the end of inhalation. The pulse technique can be used to assist in the "targeting" of therapeutic or other agents on to different sites within the lung. Mathematical prediction of inhaled particle deposition patterns, obtained using the model, can assist in the planning of medical procedures. Efficient and controlled delivery of therapeutic agents to the tracheobronchial and alveolar regions can be achieved by optimizing: pulse duration and pulse delay time, flowrate, pause period, particle size and particle charge.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)473-476
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JournalJournal of Aerosol Science
Issue numberSUPPL. 1
Publication statusPublished - 1992
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  • Drug Delivery
  • Electrical Properties
  • Particle Inhalation
  • Therapy

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