Smart board technology success in tertiary institutions: The case of the UAE University

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This research explores teaching-faculty’s adoption and usage of the Interactive White Board Technology (IWBT) in UAE University (UAEU). The research findings suggested two perspectives concerning IWBT usage by teaching-faculty in UAEU. The first theme is concerned with IWBT’s basic features where the IWBT proved its superiority when compared to other competing technologies in the classroom. The second theme is concerned with the advanced features of the IWBT and as it is integrated with curricula and course content. This appeared to be yet evolving in institutions around the world in general and in the UAEU more specifically. The research depicts an evolutionary path for the data-show industry across time showing the position of IWBT. The path also shows the direction of the data-show industry along with a depiction of the learning needs across each evolutionary phase. The research discusses theoretical as well as professional contributions and implications emerging from the two perspectives and portrays different research areas in this field.

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JournalEducation and Information Technologies
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Publication statusPublished - Mar 1 2016


  • Emergent disruptive technologies
  • Higher education
  • Integrative pedagogy
  • Interactive White Board Technologies
  • Smart board
  • UAE

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