Socioaffective issues and concerns among gifted filipino children

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There is a dearth of information regarding the socioemotional realities of gifted children from ethnically diverse backgrounds, which this research attempts to address. Multiple semistructured narrative interviews were conducted with 22 intellectually superior children aged 4-9 years and with their parents. Manifestations of perfectionism, hypersensitivities, and overexcitabilities were evident among the Filipino gifted children. The implications of such manifestations of heightened sensitivities for educators and diagnosticians were discussed. Cross-cultural contrasts were likewise discussed to demonstrate whether predominant socioaffective traits, characteristics, and issues in the West are likewise evident among gifted children rom a culturally different background like the Philippines.

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JournalRoeper Review
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Publication statusPublished - Oct 2011
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  • Case studies
  • Culturally different gifted
  • Filipino gifted children
  • Qualitative framework
  • Socioaffective characteristics
  • Socioaffective issues
  • Socioaffective traits
  • Socioemotional concerns

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