Strong periodicity of links and the coefficients of the conway polynomial

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Przytycki and Sokolov proved that a three-manifold admits a semi- free action of the finite cyclic group of order p with a circle as the set of fixed points if and only if M is obtained from the three-sphere by surgery along astrongly p-periodic link L. Moreover, if the quotient three-manifold is an integral homology sphere, then we may assume that L is orbitally separated. This paper studies the behavior of the coefficients of the Conway polynomial of such a link. Namely, we prove that if L is a strongly p-periodic orbitally separated link and p is an odd prime, then the coefficient a2i(L) is congruent to zero modulo p for all i such that 2i<p - 1.

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JournalProceedings of the American Mathematical Society
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