Synthesizing covalent organic frameworks for unprecedented iodine capture performance

Shaikha S. AlNeyadi, Mohammed T. Alhassani, Ali S. Aleissaee, Sultan J, Abdullah H. Khalaf, Abdulrahman A. Alteneij, Yaser Y. Alyaarbi

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Nuclear energy continues to be an important supplier of electricity, but it has problems with waste management and the possibility to leak radioactive material. Iodine, a potentially harmful byproduct of uranium fission, is hazardous to both the environment and human health. Therefore, developing safe, effective, and affordable storage facilities for iodine waste is crucial. Owing to their well-controlled pore structure and substantial certain surface area, covalent organic frameworks (COFs) show promise for the adsorption of radioactive iodine. The newly developed COFs (SJ-COF, YA-COF, and AA-COF) shown amazing properties, including strong thermal and chemical stability, which made them ideal for efficient iodine capture. Notably, the ultrahigh iodine capture capacities of these COFs—8.52 g g−1, 8.12 g g−1 and 7.01 g g−1—were significantly greater than most previously reported materials. And The % removal efficiency for SJ-COF, YA-COF and AA-COF from I2/cyclohexane solutions were 87.9 %, 88.6% and 82.6 % respectively. It is noteworthy that the three COFs have high selectivity, reusability, and iodine retention abilities, maintaining iodine even after five recyclings. Based on the outcomes of the experiments, the adsorption processes of the three COFs were examined, and it was discovered that iodine was bound through physical-chemical adsorption. The findings of our work provide a ground-breaking standard for the removal of nuclear waste and demonstrate the enormous potential of COFs as adaptable porous structures that may be specifically designed to address major environmental concerns.

Original languageEnglish
Article numbere25921
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - Feb 29 2024


  • Adsorption capacity
  • COF
  • Iodine capture
  • Nuclear power

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