Teacher civil liability in the case of breaching educational and control obligations

Enas Alqodsi

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The civil liability of a teacher arises from the fact that he teaches students who are mostly children in need of constant observation, supervision, and direction. Therefore, if those students cause mischief or they experience harm caused by other students or by the teacher himself, then the teacher's responsibility for mischief will surface. For an established schoolteacher, it is essential to undertake two major responsibilities, which include both management of student learning and education as well as conducting supervision on their activities. Since teachers are actively involved with the students, the act of supervision becomes an obligation under teacher responsibilities. In this regard, the study will discuss the nature of the main obligations entrusted to a teacher besides the responsibility of the state-employed teacher and the principle of the solutions of state as the one party responsible for compensating for the resulting damages in lieu of the teacher in charge.

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