Tev scale colored particles, baryogenesis and dark matter

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We propose a unified scenario of two puzzles in particle physics and cosmology, namely, the dark matter and the origin of the baryon asymmetry of the universe in a simple extension of MSSM. Our model uses a gauge singlet chiral superfield field N, where the out-of equilibrium decay of the fermionic partner of N mediated by the exchange of a colored TeV scale scalar field generates adequate baryon asymmetry for MN ∼ 100 GeV. The scalar partner of Af is naturally the lightest SUSY particle as it has no gauge interactions and plays the role of dark matter. The model is experimentally testable in (i) neutron-antineutron oscillations with a transition time estimated to be around 1010 sec, (ii) discovery of colored particles X at LHC with mass of order TeV, and (iii) direct dark matter detection with a predicted cross section in the observable range in next generation dark matter search experiments.

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Title of host publicationHIGH ENERGY PHYSICS AND APPLICATIONS - Proceedings of the UAE-CERN Workshop
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Publication statusPublished - 2008
EventUAE-CERN Workshop: High Energy Physics andApplications - Al-Ain, United Arab Emirates
Duration: Nov 26 2007Nov 28 2007

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OtherUAE-CERN Workshop: High Energy Physics andApplications
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  • Global symmetries
  • Particle-meory and field-theory models of the early Universe
  • Theoretical new ideas

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