The degree to which UAE primary science workbooks promote scientific inquiry

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This research investigated Grades 5 and 6 science workbooks for the degree to which they promote scientific inquiry abilities, opportunities that students had to acquire these abilities and the obstacles hindering students from implementing them. A document review technique and a constant comparative method were applied sequentially. A total of 58 instigative logs were scrutinized. Findings revealed that while the activities allowed students to use appropriate techniques and tools to collect and interpret data, and use their inquiry abilities related to implement investigation plans, they did not allow students real opportunities to formulate questions, plan for simple investigations, write conclusions, or communicate investigations. A total of 15 Grade 5 and 6 science teachers were asked to report their perceptions of the students' role in implementing identified abilities. A one-way analysis of variance revealed that there was a significant difference between students who individually implemented the inquiry abilities and students who were supported by the teacher or by other students. Obstacles that hindered students from implementing identified inquiry abilities included teachers' intensive supports, students' limited background or skills, and materials and instrument shortages. The study concluded with recommendations for policy, practice, and future research.

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JournalResearch in Science and Technological Education
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Publication statusPublished - 2010


  • Grade 5
  • Grade 6
  • Implementation
  • Obstacles
  • Science workbooks
  • Scientific inquiry abilities
  • UAE

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