The evolving Arab city: Tradition, modernity and urban development

Yasser Elsheshtawy

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Today cities of the Arab world are subject to many of the same problems as other world cities, yet too often they are ignored in studies of urbanisation. This collection reveals the contrasts and similarities between older, traditional Arab cities and the newer oil-stimulated cities of the Gulf in their search for development and a place in the world order. The eight cities which form the core of the book - Rabat, Amman, Beirut, Kuwait, Manama, Doha, Abu Dhabi and Riyadh - provide a unique insight into today's Middle Eastern city.

Original languageEnglish
PublisherRoutledge Taylor & Francis Group
Number of pages314
ISBN (Print)0203696794, 9780203696798
Publication statusPublished - May 27 2008

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