The innovation of using 3d printing technology in mechanical and manufacturing engineering

Waleed Ahmed, Essam Zaneldin

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One of the main challenges that the educator faces in integrating 3D printing technology in a traditional engineering course in the capability of introducing and merging the 3d printing technology at the right educational material. The paper aims to present the challenges and the achievements of integrating 3D printing technology in teaching design and manufacturing courses in the mechanical engineering department to enhance the students' skills and engagement with the course material. One of the course experiments was nominated to introduce the 3D printing technology, where the students were asked to use the systematic design method as well as design matrix procedure to explore different options to come up with a solution to hold a mechanical component for quality control task. Besides, the students had to design an engineering measurement procedure to achieve the assigned mission of the experiment, where the mechanical part was described to present the main dimensions needed for the measurement sequence. Different groups submitted innovative ideas that were evaluated initially and discussed individually before submitting the final design and the holder prototype. The students presented a functional 3D printed prototype with a full report that clarifies the engineering procedure adopted to achieve the goal of the experiment. The innovation in the addressed solution revealed the importance of 3D printing technology to enhance the students' skill and engagement with the course material and help them to encounter challenges to come up with creative engineering solutions.

Original languageEnglish
Article number012002
JournalIOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - Oct 28 2020
Event2020 7th International Conference on Mechanics and Mechatronics Research, ICMMR 2020 - Berkley, United States
Duration: Jun 27 2020Jun 29 2020

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