The use of bamboo fibres as reinforcements in composites

H. P.S. Abdul Khalil, M. S. Alwani, M. N. Islam, S. S. Suhaily, R. Dungani, Y. M. H'ng, M. Jawaid

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Bamboos are of notable economic and cultural significance all over the world, especially in South Asia, Southeast Asia and East Asia, being used for building materials, as a source of food, as a decorative product and as a versatile raw product. Bamboo also has significant potential in composite making due to its high strength, environmentally friendly nature, rapid growing properties, low cost, availability and sustainability. This chapter summarizes production processes for bamboo fibres and their applications in composites. The production of nanocellulose from bamboo fibres is also briefly discussed. Overall, the chapter aims to show the versatility of bamboo fibre in various applications from construction to culinary.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationBiofiber Reinforcements in Composite Materials
PublisherElsevier Inc.
Number of pages37
ISBN (Electronic)9781782421276
ISBN (Print)9781782421221
Publication statusPublished - 2015
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  • Bamboo fibres
  • Nanocellulose
  • Polymer composites
  • Resin
  • Surface treatment

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