The value of follow-up after curative surgery of colorectal carcinoma.

F. Safi, H. G. Beyer

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Between 1978 and 1989, 1045 of 1399 patients (580 male and 474 female) had undergone curative surgery for colorectal carcinoma. Of these patients, 350 (33%) had recurrences, another 16 (1.5%) developed a metachronous colorectal cancer, and 23 (2%) had cancers of other organs. An isolated locoregional recurrence was found in 75 of 350 (21%). The remaining 275 of 350 (79%) of the patients showed systemic dissemination of the carcinoma. Reoperations with curative intent were performed on 56 of 350 (16%) of the patients. Only 21 of the 56 resected patients (38%), i.e., 21 of 350 (6%), are without recurrence at the end of the follow-up period on December 31, 1990. Despite a curative reoperation, 62% of the patients again developed recurrent growths. There is an imbalance of the efforts invested in tumor follow-up and the benefits gained. Further follow-up programs should be investigated in a controlled, prospective fashion.

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JournalCancer detection and prevention
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Publication statusPublished - 1993

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