Thermal stability of natural fibers and their polymer composites

Mohammad Asim, Mohd T. Paridah, M. Chandrasekar, Rao M. Shahroze, Mohammad Jawaid, Mohammed Nasir, Ramengmawii Siakeng

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Natural fiber-based composites are applied in many structural engineered products from civil constructions to automobile manufacturing due to the properties such as low density, high aspect ratio, biodegradability and ease to work. During the past decades such composites have been thoroughly studied for their mechanical properties and failure behavior and their properties compared with those of synthetic fiber-based composites. Other properties, such as the thermal behavior of natural fibers and composites, have also been studied because they determine the performance of their products possible. It deals with the effect of temperature on adhesive curing, effect of high temperature and fire damage during fabrication. Further, the thermal properties have equal importance in structural applications such as temperature transfer from end to end, load capacity at specific temperature, material behavior and dimensional stability at high temperature. In this respect the isothermal and non-isothermal thermogravimatric analyses are discussed and the improtance of glass transition temperature is studied during prepapration of composites to ensure their ultimate properties. Although there are several works that have been done on thermal behavior, especially thermogravimetric analysis of natural fibers and their composites, there is no review article available specially focused on natural fiber-based composites, hybrid composites, and nanocomposites. The aim of this review was to focus on the advances in the comprehension of thermogravimetric behavior of natural fibers and compare the effect of natural fibers as reinforced materials in polymer composites.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)625-648
Number of pages24
JournalIranian Polymer Journal (English Edition)
Issue number7
Publication statusPublished - Jul 1 2020
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  • Biopolymers
  • Hybrid composites
  • Nanocomposites
  • Natural fibers
  • Thermogravimetric analysis

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