Titanium Carbide MXenes: Synthesis, Characterization, Energy and Environmental Applications

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Discover the future of solar energy with this introduction to an essential new family of materials MXenes are a recently-discovered family of two-dimensional organic compounds formed from transition metal carbides. Their unique properties, such as high stability and electron conductivity, have made them a sought-after commodity with many industrial applications in cutting-edge industries. In particular, titanium carbide MXenes look poised to have significant applications in the solar energy industry, with potentially revolutionary consequences for the sustainable energy future. Titanium Carbide MXenes offers a thorough and accessible introduction to this family of compounds and their possible applications. It begins by surveying the fundamentals of the MXene groups, before characterizing titanium carbide MXenes and their processes of synthesis. It then moves on to discuss applications, current and future. The result is a must-read for researchers and professionals looking to synthesize and construct these materials and apply them in sustainable industry. Titanium Carbide MXenes readers will also find: Detailed treatment of MXenes including nitrides composites, perovskites composites, and more Discusses applications in photocatalytic CO2 reduction, hydrogen production, water splitting, and more Roughly 100 figures illustrating key concepts Titanium Carbide MXenes is a must-have for materials scientists, catalytic chemists, and scientists in industry.

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Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 2023

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