Towards a visually enhanced medical search engine

Lavish Lalwani, Guido Zuccon, Mohamed Sharaf, Anthony Nguyen

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This paper presents the prototype of an information retrieval system for medical records that utilises visualisation techniques, namely word clouds and timelines. The system simplifies and assists information seeking tasks within the medical domain. Access to patient medical information can be time consuming as it requires practitioners to review a large number of electronic medical records to find relevant information. Presenting a summary of the content of a medical document by means of a word cloud may permit information seekers to decide upon the relevance of a document to their information need in a simple and timeeffective manner. We extend this intuition, by mapping word clouds of electronic medical records onto a timeline, to provide temporal information to the user. This allows exploring word clouds in the context of a patient's medical history. To enhance the presentation of word clouds, we also provide the means for calculating aggregations and differences between patient's word clouds.


  • Medical search
  • Timeline
  • Visualisation
  • Word cloud

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