Transit Behaviour and Sociodemographic Interrelation: Enhancing Urban Public-Transport Solutions

Aisha Hasan, Umair Hasan, Hamad AlJassmi, Andrew Whyte

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Recent years have seen a considerable shift in the focus of public investment agencies from extensive roadway networks to a more planned approach that meets environmental, cost, and social dimensions more aptly. Past research has mainly explored the engineering aspect and cost parameters, while the human or social component is often neglected. This study aims to identify the trip-making behaviour of residents in an urban area towards bus transport network enhancement. Abu Dhabi, the location of study, is heavily dependent upon car travel, creating much congestion, which the local government seeks to address by enhanced public transport. This work examined eight public-transport routes in two zones, with data collected on both weekdays (n = 751) and weekends (n = 769). Multinomial logistic regression models showed that respondents highlighted overcrowded buses and traffic congestion as two of the main hurdles pertinent to urban routes in the bus network influencing their mode choice. Proposals pertinent to the local authority for further consideration need to factor in current low satisfaction with bus transit network coverage, low satisfaction with the quality of bus rides, inhibiting a mode shift from cars/taxis towards buses, cumulative income profiles of public-transport users, with findings that the low-income bracket is already at saturation, and that reducing congestion needs innovative (sociodynamic rather than technical road network) public-transport solutions.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1144-1155
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Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - Jun 2023


  • low-income communities
  • public-transport solutions
  • sociodemographic parameters
  • transport quality
  • travel satisfaction

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