Understanding ferromagnetism in Ni-doped MoS2 monolayer from first principles

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The electronic and magnetic properties of Ni-doped MoS2 monolayer have been investigated using the DFT + U method. Two kinds of dopants are considered in the 6 × 6 supercells of MoS2 monolayer: one Ni substitution for Mo, and two Ni substitutions. Results show that both dopants induce ferromagnetism in MoS2 monolayer. With a single Ni dopant, the Ni-induced spins on the nearby host atoms are parallel to that on Ni atom through the p-d hybridization, leading to the ferromagnetic (FM) ordering. Two Ni substitutions energetically prefer to cluster together, which makes the FM coupling in the system include (1) the FM p-d hybridization between Ni and neighboring host atoms, and (2) the FM ordering between two Ni atoms due to the Ni(3d)-S(3p)-Ni(3d) superexchange. Efforts have been done to elaborate the favorability for incorporating Ni dopants in MoS2 monolayer. This work has implications for improving the applications of MoS2 to spintronic even magneto-optic devices.

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Article number110501
JournalChemical Physics
Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 2020


  • Electronic structure
  • First principles calculation
  • Magnetic properties
  • MoS monolayer
  • Substitutional doping

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