Validity and Reliability of the Arabic Version of the Three-Factor Eating Questionnaire-R18

Salma Alhebshi, Serene Hilary, Samir K.H. Safi, Habiba I. Ali, Leila Cheikh Ismail, Ayesha Al Dhaheri, Lily Stojanovska

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The present study translated and validated an Arabic version of the Three-Factor Eating Questionnaire-R18 (TFEQ-R18), which assesses eating behaviour traits among Arabic speakers in the three domains: cognitive restraint (CR), uncontrolled eating (UE), and emotional eating (EE). Three bilingual experts first translated the English questionnaire into Arabic, and the questionnaire's comprehension was tested among 298 Arabic speakers. Confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) tested the model fit and flagged four items in the questionnaire with low consistency. These items were modified, and the revised Arabic version of TFEQ-R18 was validated in a population of 513 individuals. Validity was evaluated using CFA and Pearson's correlation coefficients, internal consistency using Cronbach's α, and the reproducibility of the questionnaire was confirmed with Bland-Altman analysis and T-test. The construct validity of the Arabic TFEQ-R18 was evaluated by comparing the response score in the population based on gender, BMI and age group. CFA confirmed that the model fit is good and strongly agrees with the collected data. Except for item 15 in the CR domain, all questions showed moderate to high correlation within their respective domains. The Cronbach's α for UE, EE, and CR domains recorded was 0.778, 0.784 and 0.588, respectively. Item 15 had the lowest consistency in the Arabic-TFEQ-R18, and Cronbach's α increased to 0.608 with its removal. There was no significant difference between the first and second attempts of the Arabic TFEQ-R18, indicating good test-retest reliability. Moreover, UE and EE were positively correlated to the BMI of the participants (r = 0.159, p = 0·000; r = 0.158, p = 0·000, respectively). The study concludes that the Arabic TFEQ is a valid and reliable tool for studying the three psychometric domains of UE, EE and CR among Arabic speakers.

Original languageEnglish
Article numbere17623
Issue number7
Publication statusPublished - Jul 2023


  • Arabic translation
  • Eating behaviour
  • Obesity
  • TFEQ-R18
  • Three-Factor Eating Questionnaire
  • Validation

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