Wave power assessment in the middle part of the southern coast of Java Island

Addy Wahyudie, Tri Bagus Susilo, Fatima Alaryani, Cuk Supriyadi Ali Nandar, Mohammed Abdi Jama, Abdulrahman Daher, Hussain Shareef

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An assessment of the wave power at the southern coast of the middle part of Java Island (Indonesia) was conducted based on a 15-year hindcast spectral wave model using the MIKE 21 Spectral Wave software. The model was forced with wind data with a 0.125 spatial interval and hourly time resolution. The obtained model was validated with field data collected from a buoy station that provided a set of significant wave height data with an hourly data interval for the whole month of June 2014. The validation showed that the obtained model matched the observed data with a minor average error. A spatial analysis was conducted in order to find the most suitable location for installing wave energy converters while taking into consideration the potential area demand, the wave power intensity, and the distance from the shore. Moreover, spatial analysis is conducted in order to find a suitable location to install wave energy converters, with consideration to potential area demand, wave power intensity, and distance from the shore. The best prospective location reached 30 kW/m of mean wave power intensity, 2.04 m of mean significant wave height, 8.9 s of mean wave period, 150 m of distance from the shoreline.

Original languageEnglish
Article number2633
Issue number10
Publication statusPublished - May 2020


  • Hindcast
  • Indian Ocean
  • Indonesia Coast
  • Java Island Coast
  • Wave energy converters
  • Wave power assessment

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