Working with challenging children: From theory to practice in primary education

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Education brings together recent research findings in children's psychopathology with practical implications in educational settings. The text provides the latest user-friendly volume facts from neurosciences, psychology, special education, classroom management, child development, cross cultural research and can be used to guide educational professionals in typical or mainstreaming primary settings. The book presents in-depth background information and strategies to help pre-service and practicing teachers to understand, prevent and address the emotional, behavioral, and social problems found so often in today's schools. Techniques to understand and cope with anger, anxiety, attention or memory problems, problems in social interaction and school bulling and victimization, and ideas about practical implications and adaptations to the school environment are provided in a way easy to read and follow. If you are an educator of behaviorally challenging students in school settings or you are working with challenging children in another context, such as after-school or recreation program or a social services agency, you will find this book a comprehensive and indispensable resource.

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